Mario Torero, Mano Lima, Laurie Manzano., 1974
Renovated, 1989: Mario Torero, Mano Lima, Laurie Manzano.
........The Colossus (Fig. 39) evokes the image of Atlas from classical mythology, supporting the heavens upon his back and hands. In Chicano Park, the Colossus supports the exit ramp from the Coronado Bay Bridge onto Interstate 5 South. A blue sky containing fluffy clouds fills the background of the composition, as the figure strains under the weight of the bridge.
........In 1989, the original artists renovated the Colossus, maintaining the basic composition while changing the physical content (Fig. 40). The blue sky has become a night sky with stars, against which the golden figure is dramatically presented. Three separate styles of the renovated mural are visible, in the two arms and head, in comparison to a more unified, collective style of the 1974 original.
........ Since the renovation of the Colossus, the mural has been "tagged" and subsequently cleaned in an effort to preserve one of the most popular murals in Chicano Park.